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Prevent Virus Autorun.inf make the Super Autorun

Continuing the previous any posts about Secure dummy file with the flash and with flash format type NTFS, this time it will continue on the technical protection of the flash drive or a virus or program that will create the file Autorun.inf, simple program with Super Autorun. So it can be expected to reduce the spread of the virus.
I had doubts the effectiveness of this way, because it thinks it easy for viruses to change, delete, and create a new autorun.inf file.
Some of this information I can after reading one of any posts in the blog WinPowerTips. Indeed, with only the file autorun.inf to make it, even though the system hidden attribute will be easily overcome by the virus. But there is described with three levels and the result is not easy to delete the file and try to make the virus Autorun.inf file with the usual way will fail.

The following short explanation of the level 3 (stages) to prevent the virus to create / modify the Autorun.inf file:
1. Prevent the virus to create the autorun.inf file on how to create a folder Autorun.inf. Because if you already have this folder then the Autorun.inf file will not be made.
2. Prevent virus remove Autorun.inf folder (with the usual way) by adding Unicode files inside. This fact can make the virus or error programmernya close if not overcome with good.
3. Prevents users Removing Autorun.inf folder with the folder not terhapuskan. Such as Microsoft own explanation that sometimes we can not remove file / folder name if the name is invalid (disability).
Explanation about the length of each level, please visit the blog directly the IT Guy is. Because there are also many tips-other interesting tips.
However, with 3 levels itupun, if virusnya (the virus) and the jelly can still overcome the virus and can still create Autorun.inf file to transmit itself.
Super Autorun
Provided in the blog file vbs (visual basic script), to create Autorun.inf folders and folders that are not [easily] terhapuskan (phases 1 and 3) to phase 2 (make the file unicode) we have to create your own.
After reading the article, I tried googling further information (details) about this, and finally, I try (inspired) to make the file a simple, small and easy to use anyone else associated with this. The result? Super Autorun

File size is only about 24 KB, no need to install the. Consistent with its name, aims to create a folder / file-specific, to prevent the virus (easily) create, modify or delete the file Autorun.inf. This file using additional special techniques, so that it can not be easily removed, or modified by direname virus. For unicode file, not included in this program.

Use Super Autorun

This program is very easy to use, run the live file, then select the drive that will be used as a target or choose "Select all drives" to select all drives, then click Create Autorun.inf, If you already have a file / folder Autorun.inf then this program will try immediately remove, and create new ones. If you are successful, please try to delete, rename, edit, open this folder in any way.

So essentially, this program will create Autorun.inf folders that are not easy to erase, or rename the modifications, so that viruses or other programs can not create file Autorun.inf.

In order to succeed, then the flash drive or to be made must bertipe NTFS. To Flashdisk, because the default Windows Explorer does not have the menu to format NTFS, I can read any posts before mem-Tips Flashdisk format with NTFS file system

Download Super Autorun (24 KB)

Note: This technique is not to prevent the virus to duplicate itself flash, only to prevent the virus mambuat file Autorun.inf, so it does not spread to the computer without us. Perhaps the future can be combined with comprehensive protection creating dummy files protected with Super Autorun to protect the flash. If you want to delete the folder had autorun.inf, can use the software Unlocker

If there is input and suggestions about this program please email or write a comment.

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